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How the Apostles Might Encourage Us to Use a Church Directory


If [ancient church] directories did exist, and were made available to every believer in each local church, what might the apostles say in their letters about this kind of resource? As those who have just received a newly updated copy of our own church directory, this question is certainly relevant....

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The Coronavirus Corrective


When we hold on firmly to the biblical definition of church, public health measures may force us to revise our plans, but they simply cannot restrict the church from being the church. Throughout history, and throughout the world, even today, the Church has always been flexible enough to adjust the form of its life together, without veering from the function of its life tog...

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Building 2020

Building 2020 Logo copy

I think you would agree that God is using this pandemic to get our attention, in a number of ways, concerning a number of different areas. I hope you've been considering what He might be revealing to you through all this about your own faith and your own path. But I hope you've also thought about what God might be saying to us as a faith family? The elders believe He ...

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Fighting for Fellowship


Social influences, insecurities, selfishness, and many other factors can keep us from the faith-shaped relationships we read about in Scripture. Currently, it is the unexpected reality of a global pandemic that has not only distanced us socially, but also tempted many of us to fizzle rather than fight when it comes to fellowship. But why?...

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