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Seven Brief Thoughts to Ponder

As God graciously works among us to transform our minds and hearts (to renew us in light of the truth, that we would love what is good), I pray as you ponder them, these brief thoughts on the difficult topic of abortion would do that very thing:

  • Hate abortion because you love life. If you do, your impact will be far deeper and broader. Political action has its place, but is ultimately limited. In contrast, love not only takes a stand, but stands with those in need.
  • Don't separate bodily autonomy from self control. Reproductive rights go hand in hand with reproductive responsibilities. We can't forget that sex is not first pleasure-producing or heart-connecting; it is life-creating.
  • As we contemplate unwanted, unborn life, we must remember that the one who is wanted is not precious because he or she is desired, but because of the miracle of human life. Our expectations and hopes for that child do not assign value; they affirm it.
  • To whatever degree an unexpected pregnancy seems like an end to your hopes and dreams, please don't miss that it's very nature exclaims a new beginning; not only for life within your womb, but possibly for a childless couple who sees a blessing where you see a burden.
  • In today's world, a world wonderfully sensitized to the often untold history of the powerless, a world passionately committed to advocacy for the rights of the voiceless, abortion often demonstrates that sex and self are more important than genuine dignity and equality.
  • If those who use the label "pro-life" are not both pro-child and pro-woman, they are missing something critical about the sacred but complex reality of pregnancy. It must always be abundantly clear that the goal of such efforts is to preserve life not punish women.
  • Countless women have painfully borne witness to the fact that no procedure or pill can fully 'end' an unplanned pregnancy. When something as powerful as pregnancy is deliberately subverted, what was intended to end life may in fact lead to a life regularly darkened by regret.

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