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Way of Grace Resource Pamphlets

amazing-grace-for-web-1    "Have You Heard of...Amazing Grace?" (mini-pamphlet)

best-news-ever-cover  Following His Call Pamphlet  COVER  Forgiveness Pamphlet COVER (Large)  baptism pamphlet cover

Essential Beliefs (Summary) Pamphlet COVER  Essential Beliefs (FULL) Pamphlet COVER  incomparable-front  Marriage Pamphlet COVER


Other Resources          

Our Bible Reading Plan (2021-2022)

Understanding Church (resource sheet)

Our Children's Ministry Priorities

Child Dedication (Frequently Asked Questions)

A Prayer Pathway for Purity

What is a Deacon? (Biblical Foundations for the Office of Deacon)

Passion Month--Bookmark Bible Study--The Cross

Passion Month--Bookmark Bible Study--The Resurrection of Jesus

Journey to Bethlehem Study Guide

Week of Weeks Easter Basket Readings