Common Questions

Whether you're searching for a church or simply recognize that you need something more, we invite you to join us at Way of Grace Church. Here are some commonly asked questions:

Who are you?

We are a community of faith who began our Sunday morning gatherings in October of 2005, and continue to meet on Sundays at Imagine School in Buckeye. We were established by Camelback Bible Church, a congregation in Paradise Valley that has touched lives throughout the Phoenix area for almost 60 years.

What is your church like?

We are a non-denominational church that is trying to keep things simple. Our Sunday morning time of shared worship include elements that have been a part of Christian gatherings for 2000 years: singing, prayer, Scripture reading, and teaching from the Bible. We also meet in smaller life groups to encourage one another in light of our time of worship and our connection in Christ. And we try to do all of this in a very genuine, real-life style that, nevertheless, recognizes the sacredness of meeting with God.

What else should I know about coming on Sundays?

First, you will not be asked to do anything during our gathering, so don't worry. Just come and listen. You can participate in the singing or prayer according to your comfort level. Second, dress in whatever clothes you feel are appropriate. Some like to wear their "Sunday best". Others take a more casual approach. There is no dress code. Just come. Third, our music is a mix of songs, both old and new. Some songs you might recognize. Others may be new. Hopefully you'll get a glimpse of God and His grace in all of them. Fourth, we believe we get the most out of our Sunday gathering by meeting for both a larger shared worship time and a smaller life group meeting (see our resource sheet, Understanding Church to learn more). If you'd prefer not to visit a life group right away, feel free to join us for just worship.

What about my family?

All children are able to participate in our time of shared worship! For younger ones who would like to attend our children's class, they will be dismissed midway through. If you believe your child would do well staying in our shared worship time (and a life group), and you'd like them to remain with you, we certainly welcome the whole family!