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Tuesday Topical Study: "The Chosen"

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Every Tuesday until June 8, 2021

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Location: 1131 S. 225th Lane, Buckeye, AZ 85326

Category: Class | Coordinator: Bryce Morgan

NEW STUDY: "The Chosen"

The crowd-funded television series "The Chosen" has proven to be an extremely popular depiction of Jesus and his ministry. While the show is not a direct dramatization of the Gospel accounts, it does present 'possibilities' in terms of the biblical characters we meet in the Gospels and interpretations of key events we find in Scripture. 

This new TUESDAY TOPICAL study will focus on thinking through the key biblical themes we find in each episode (of Season 1), as well as, the questions raised by a shows like this (e.g., "Does this depiction enhance or cloud our understanding of God's word?" "Does it encourage Scripture reading or too easily become a substitute?" "How faithful is the production to the biblical record?" "How faithful does it need to be?"). Of course, we will also talk about each episode in terms of its artistic/entertainment merits. We hope you can be involved!

You can WATCH "THE CHOSEN" here online (or through their app--check Google Play or the Apple App Store). "The Chosen" is also available on the Peacock streaming service.

Study Schedule:

1. May 4: Episode 1

2. May 11: Episodes 2 & 3

3. May 18: Episode 4

4. May 25: Episode 5

5. June 1: Episodes 6 & 7

6. June 8: Episode 8

We will be meeting in person (please mask up) or using Google Meet to connect online. Google Meet allows users to see and/or talk with one another (participants can also just listen in and use the chat box to ask questions). Using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone? Just CLICK ON THIS LINK to connect.

You can also participate by phone using this info:

Call 1 (657) 231-8213‬, then enter PIN: ‪690 431 653, followed by ‬#