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Way of Grace Abroad

God has given us (and continues to give us) opportunities to pray for, help with, travel to, and serve alongside brothers and sisters all over our nation and our world. Here are just some of the individiuals through whom God is at work abroad:

The RAWAS of Indonesia

We are thankful for the opportunity we had, for several years, to help evangelize the Rawas people group in Indonesia. We were able to rejoice in seeing the first Rawas souls won to Christ! Learn more here.

INDIA: Caleb Rayapati & Pastor Daniel

Late April COVID-19 Update

Early April COVID-19 Update

March COVID-19 Update  

India– Image 1 of 12


JAPAN & UTAH: Vivian Kuenstler

April Update from Utah

Summer 2019 Update from Japan 

Vivian (Japan)– Image 1 of 2


UGANDA: Kevin & Tim Houlihan, Jan Fehlhaber

Trip Report (2013)

Bishop Hannington's Ministry 

Uganda 2013– Image 1 of 6