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Your Faith, Your Vote

Every person who has voted or will vote is voting based on their beliefs about the world, about people, about right and wrong, and about real solutions for the challenges we all face. For every person, without exception, his or her worldview is a matter of faith. To be clear, that does not mean it is irrational. But even the best reasoning (for which we must strive) must ultimately arrive at the crossroads of faith in the everyday.

For this reason, every voter is a 'faith-based' voter. But if you are a follower of Jesus, then the worldview that informs your vote should first be informed by God. That means the clear picture of reality painted by the words of Scripture should always be our first reference point when it comes to the candidates and issues for which we vote.

I've said someplace else there is often no one political position which is THE Christian position. We will disagree at times. But to be clear, that does not biblically justify every political position a confessing believer might hold. When our vote is not informed by the light of God's word, we can be sure our faith-based choices are being fed by faith in something else. For some that might be faith in a political party or political commentator. For others that may be faith in family traditions or worldly notions of 'security'.

At the same time, some Christians have been guilty of twisting the Bible in order to justify support for a candidate or issue.

I believe it is fair to say the Scripture-twisting voter and the Scripture-neglecting voter are both dangerous and in need of correction. But this must begin with me. It must begin with you personally. As faith-based voters who follow Christ, we must first be encouraged by and emboldened with the richness of God's word. It is truly the best 'voting guide'.

Who else can speak as well about human flourishing as those who know humanity's Creator? Who else can speak as well about justice as those who serve the Judge of the living and the dead? Who else can speak about character and leadership as well as those who follow the perfect man, Jesus? Who should care more about the plight of the poor and the powerless than those who have been redeemed from the deadly poverty and weakness of sin? Who else can see past fear-mongering as well as those who stand unafraid in the presence, power, and promises of God? Who is best able to balance the 'rule of law' and the 'spirit of the law' for the common good, if not God's people, those who live because of Christ's cross, where justice and mercy were poured out in perfect harmony? Who better to consider the welfare of all people, without exception, than those who are part of “a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb” (Revelation 7:9)

Christian, let the uncertainty of this political season drive you back to the certainty of God's word. If like the exiled Jews in Babylon we are to “seek the welfare” of this earthly “city” (Jeremiah 29:7), may part of that objective include God using Scripture-saturated voters to serve our neighbors, blessing them with God's wisdom. And as we do that, whatever the outcome of this or any election, may others see we are looking above the fray, and through us, see the King in whom we trust.

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