Grace Extending

Most people seem to see their career/job/vocation through two distinct lenses. For some, their job is nothing more than a means to practical ends: we work to survive, to put clothes on our backs and food on our tables. We work to do all the things we want to do when we are not working. But for others, career IS the end. His job becomes his identity. Her career is where she finds her real value.

But both of these perspectives miss what God's word teaches us about vocation. This Sunday we begin a new three-part series to tackle this very topic. Listen to what the writer Gene Edward Veith says about our need to understand what Scripture reveals about work:

"People sin in their vocations, and they sin against their vocations. And in not being aware of what their vocations are--and that there is a spiritual dimension to work, family, and involvement in society--they are plagued by a lack of purpose, confused as to what they should do and how they should live and who they are. At a time when according to the polls, people's major preoccupations are work and family, there has never been a greater need to recover the Christian doctrine of vocation." (from God at Work, 2002)

Hoping you can join us or will listen online.

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