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holy week 2021

Reading and Remembering Jesus Together

Join us this Holy Week as we read through this short but sweet book, "The Glory of the Cross". If you have not already picked up or received a copy, free books are available on the Ministry House porch. Here is the reading schedule we will follow:

3/28 (Palm Sunday):    Pages 1-8

3/29 (Monday):            Pages 9-18

3/30 (Tuesday):            Pages 19-26

3/31 (Wednesday):       Pages 27-34

4/1   (Thursday):          Pages 35-38

4/2   (Good Friday):      Pages 39-48

4/3   (Saturday):          Pages 49-54

We also want to encourage you to visit this page each day during Holy Week and, in the comments below, share your thoughts, questions, praises, prayers, and favorite quotes from each day's readings. Let's encourage one another as we look back to Christ's suffering and victory.



It is no exaggeration on my part to say that I “love” this little book. It is a beautiful exposition of the gospel in a compact format. This was our second year to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord in pandemic conditions. I am looking forward to a “normal” Easter season in 2022. One in which we can enjoy the Lord’s Supper together, they way it is meant to be celebrated, as we gather for Good Friday service. Regardless the current situation, we are called, as believers, to remember Christ’s death until He returns in glory. A blessed time of celebrating our Lord’s resurrection to all!
Mr. Philip quotes the following hymn by Bob Kauflin.
And, oh, the glory of the cross
That you would send your Son for us;
I gladly count my life as loss
That I might come to know
The glory of, the glory of the cross
And I can only add an AMEN!
I liked the following from page 27: We may not feel guilty but scripture speaks of our guilt before God as an objective reality......but how we feel does not change how God sees us.

These words can hit like a cold splash of water in the face. And sometimes I need that!
"The two charges against Christ [in his 'trial', hours before the cross], blasphemy and treason, are the very charges against the whole human race. In every sense, he stood in for us, and bore what was ours, and gave us what was his." (James Philip)
I appreciate the line on page 9, "Jesus death was not something he suffered so much as something he accomplished." What caught your attention or touched you?

Father, as we read about Judas' betrayal, helps us to hear that as "a solemn warning, and as a reminder of the consequences of sin and how far sin can go".

"We will never exhaust the riches of his precious death, no matter how long we have been Christians."
Brothers and sisters! I hope you will join us and leave your thoughts, prayers, questions, and praises in this comment section as you read.

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