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Christmas in the Park

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Way of Grace Family!

We're excited for the opportunity to bring a Christmas blessing to the community on Monday evening, December 23rd at Sundance Park in Buckeye. Our hope for this "Christmas in the Park" event is to host a kind of informal Christmas Eve service, under the stars from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. But to pull this off WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Here are some of the areas in which you could serve. Please take a look and, in the comment section below, indicate how you'd be able to assist:


GREETERS: Welcoming and directing visitors (2-3 individuals needed).

DECORATIONS/LIGHTS: Decorating the park ramada, nearby trees, etc. with holiday lights. Lights could be bought or brought. Very open to other decorations (inflatibles, snow machine, etc.).

SET-UP/TEAR-DOWN: Helping to bring chairs, sound gear, etc. from school to park, setting up, and then returning equipment after the event (3-4 individuals needed).

FOOD/BEVERAGE: Bringing cookies and hot cocoa, then overseeing distribution.

LIVING NATIVITY: three parts to this: 1) Mary and Joseph costumes, 2) constructing very simple 'Nativity arch' (to resemble posts and roof), and 3) providing a few barnyard animals (with fencing).


Obviously, this is a very simple breakdown. Actual planning will involve more discussion and coordination. Also, any purchases could be reimbursed if donating is difficult. Let me know your questions and concerns, and we'll work together to get it done!

However you help out, let's all be praying for God to be at work in and through us to bless others with Christ this Christmas!


We can provide some cookies and help clean up
We could bring lights and help decorate and bring cookies and whatever is needed
I would love to be a greeter. I can also help distribute food and such.
We can provide some lights. One or two inflatable’s. And some snacks.
I can do hot cocoa and lights.... I have a few lights but can always use more if anyone has some. Probably cookies too
Food and Distribution - I have three hungry children who would love to bring and manage snacks. (I don't know how to heat water for cocoa in a park)
I am busy rounding up a few barnyard friends for the party. Please contact me if you would like to be a part of the "Barnyard Team".
Gene and I can be greeters. And just be around to fill whatever is needed before and after.

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