Grace Extending


Interested in learning more about how to study the Bible, and free tools available online to do just that? Join Pastor Bryce as he gives you a hands-on tour of (also available as an app), an easy-to-use website/app full of great study tools. But this is not simply a presentation. It's a workshop! So bring your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and join in as we study God's word together.

CLICK HERE fore more event information.

PLEASE sign up by leaving your name and e-mail in the comment section below. Be sure to indicate how many will be attending (if more than one) in the comment box.


Might not arrive before 9.

It will probably be just me! Jeff will probably be sleeping.

I'm excited, like Dayna! Looking forward to it - thanks, Bryce!

I will be there! Looking forward to this. I use this site for word studies but I am sure it does many other things I am not aware of. Can't wait to see !

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