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Kids in the worship service? Kids being kids in the worship service? What are we to do?

Every voter is a 'faith-based' voter. But if you are follower of Jesus, then the worldview that informs your vote should first be informed by God. That means the clear picture of reality painted by the words of Scripture should always be our first reference point when it comes to the candidates and issues for which we vote.

While cooler autumn weather begins to blanket our country, the political climate of the nation is still sizzling with confusion and conflict...But what if I were to tell you this polarizing and fever-pitched political atmosphere is not simply “good”, but is actually great for the Church.

The death of the prophet Ezekiel's wife is a shocking episode. Could God be to blame?

Not even Google or Bing could search out His understanding. Consider how Isaiah encourages us in our first memory verse of 2015-2016.

Thoughts on the recent ruling of the Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage.

Remembering the reality of Satan's frustration and fury.

Considering how a life perspective shaped by the Bible affects how we see our job.

Thinking about whether or not there are limits when it comes to submitting to authorities.

Are there good historical reasons to believe Jesus really rose from the dead?